Love ER0L's work. The cars are fantastic. ER0L even found a way to turn them into slot cars so they can go on the road on their own. Check out ER0L's photo stream here for more, including a video.


It's a Small World

From Plan B's brick set, here

Alice Finch

You HAVE to view the detailed photos on Alice Finch's Flickr photostream of these humongous sets.


These were done by Madoruk I believe. You can see more work by this person, here.

In the flickr photo description it says:

 "Mini cars from (left to right): - A-Team GMC Vandura, - Scooby Doo Mystery Machine, - Back to the Future DeLorean, - Ghostbusters Ecto 1"

From left to right: - The Monster (1975 film, Death Race 2000) - TMNT Party Wagon (1980s toy) - Wagon Queen Family Truckster (1983 film, National Lampoon's Vacation) - Partridge Family Bus (1970s TV show) - Bigfoot (the original Monster Truck)

From left to right they are: - Landmaster (1977 film Damnation Alley) - Blade Runner Spinner (1982 film) - Optimus Prime Cab (1980s version) - Batmobile (Tim Burton version from 1989 film)
Other misc:



I was just curious if there were any good motorcycles made in LEGO, and sure enough, this person's cafe racers came up. Very nice! Make me want to try to make one! See Brixe's other creations on brickshelf.



These are insane. Check out more of legohaulic's pieces!