MY NEW FAVORITE, misterzumbi, for obvious reasons.

Wow. Now these cars here are so well crafted, they sing! Gotta check out this car collection!



Faraday81 has some terrific space/future/sci-fi creations. You'll have to check out his Brickshelf account, by clicking on his name, and see some of the other things he's made, like some amazing microscale ships.



Sharpglass has made some rerally nice ships and land vehicles. I like the fact that he did design drawings and then executed and plussed them so nicely.

I couldn't help but post all of these ships. I liked them ALL! Great work. Love the color schemes.



Custom minifigs. Xueren has gone to the trouble of creating a vast amount of customs that are very well done.



Mamemia has, I'm assuming, a very expensive collection of LEGO race cars. I didn't even know there WERE that many of these cars out there. Does anyone know if these were custom made or if there are sets for these? Are they sold on a limited edition basis? Or did this person make these and customize the stickers and such?



I'm so jealous of how much fun this guy has with his LEGOS!

Some amazing little tanks with even more amazing interiors. Impressive to see the variety of them from function to colors. He has some sweet helicopters too you'll have to check out. Love the helmets on those little minifigs too, are those hockey helmets?