They should totally make sets of some of these. Amazing. sylviatresto has some fabulous ships! I couldn't help but post a huge load of them. There are plenty more on the brickshelf account, so go there as well for more.



Shinji-O has an incredible imagination for these things. I think the bottom one is my favorite. Like the previous builder, he has quite a range of creations here too. You'll have to check out the birckshelf page on this person.



Comic has some neat creations. Pretty diverse.

Love this first one. So fun looking.

Check out this amazing pose! Like the color scheme too.

These are neat little guys too. I think I've mentioned before how much I like it when you can put minifigs into these machines. not always easy to accommodate and keep it small.


Belgium Guy 2

Belgium Guy 2. Not sure if this is the same person as the previous post. My guess is that it is, otherwise they both like using wooden back drops, haha. Amazing work either way.


Belgium Guy

Belgiumguy has some neat cars and things.

Can't figure out how he did that grill on the front.

I don't know where that grill piece comes from either.

Like the profile shape of this Porsche.

Love the piano keys.



Snyderman, has made a nice little KITT car which actually has a light in the front and the car actually has a great shape to it. I also really enjoyed the Bioshock guy.