By Toshiya. I love this rhino! What talent!


Michael said...

Love these!

Hobo Divine said...

OMG! This isn't playing this is sculpture!
You should put a follow option so I can be "on the know" when you update :)

keep blowin' up the block with the Lego!

isee26 said...

These are FANTASTIC!!!!
Beautiful Blog! Visit mine about Lego and tell me what you think (or if you want make a post!) http://isee26.blogspot.com/


Chef Stan said...

Greatly built. I have just started a LEGO blog my city community in Medan, Indonesia at http://bricksnews.com
I would shows some of the pictures you have here.

Unknown said...

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If you felt ok to post it I would really appreciate it.

Best Regards,

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erikloebl said...

How long does it take you to make the hardest one? They all look great!


samacleod said...

Hey Jonathan, i wish these were my creations, but they aren't. All of the posts are of OTHER peoples work. I put links on the posts so you can check out their pages else where. Have a look see. Talented folks all around.